martes, 10 de febrero de 2015


Did all of them participate?
Did Carl have a good time at the party?
Did he borrow your dictionary?
Did he deceive or was he deceived?
Did I disappoint you?
Did I score with the redhead the same way I did with the blonde? 
Did my directions confuse you?
Did she fix it?
Did someone invite you to the party?
Did Steve go to the bank?
Did teacher Adams make an assignment?
Did that give you control over the project?
Did the school help Victor?
Did they get late to the game?
Did you apologize?
Did you drink some coffee before class?
Did you eat it anyway?
Did you find your book?
Did you flirt with other women?
Did you forget your briefcase?
Did you party without her?
Did you really think that would help you?
Did you see the movie when it came out?
Did you stay late at work or disappear for hours without explanation?
Did you use to live in Paris?
Did you visit Carolina last week?
Did you work as a model or a dancer before this?
Didn’t you see that stop sign?
Didn’t you study?
Near which city did this event take place?

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