martes, 10 de febrero de 2015


Is Chicago farther north than New York City?
Is dinner ready?
Is financing available?
Is he in?
Is her autograph really worth more than Al Kaline’s or Rod Carew’s?
Is it difficult to learn a second language?
Is it expensive to live in an apartment?
Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Is it necessary for internationals students to have visas?
Is it still hot in here?
Is it that obvious?
Is Lesly going to be home tonight?
Is Pat feeling better today?
Is she from USA?
Is that gentleman with you qualified to advise me?
Is the floor clean?
Is the library open on Sunday evenings?
Is the mail here yet?
Is the weather cold today?
Is there a fire extinguisher in this building?
Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you would like to?
Is there life on other planets?
Is there some reason that we’re not making out right now?
Is this word spelled correctly?
Is what I’ve heard true?
Is what you want to talk to me about important?
Is your chimney safe?
Is your family moving?
Isn’t it a little cold to take odie for a walk?
Isn’t it on your desk?
Isn’t that right Marla?
Isn’t that why we have holidays?

Are maintenance fees consistent in all developments?
Are there any sentences in which the present progressive expresses present, not future, time?
Are there vaginal infections that are not STDS?
Are these guys experts on everything?
Are you a student in the English program?
Are you asking because you’re interested in having another child?
Are you busy tonight?
Are you carrying that basket to your grandmother?
Are you concerned that she might have an eating disorder?
Are you in charge of it?
Aren’t you Faye Sono?
Aren’t you from here then?


What abilities and talents do you have?
What adjustments have you had to make?
What am I going to do?
What am I supposed to do with all these cat hairs?
What are antibiotics and how do they work?
What are children sometimes afraid to do?
What are sale ads written for?
What are some of the courses he can take at a University?
What are some of the things?
What are some things you usually do every morning?
What are the closing costs involved?
What are the more common ones?
What are the possible ways you can get to school?
What are the students supposed to do?
What are the tests like?
What are they about?
What are they?
What are those?
What are you accustomed to eating for breakfast?
What are you and she most likely to fight about?
What are you careful to do before you cross a busy street?
What are you doing tomorrow morning?
What are you far happier doing?
What are you going to do with us?
What are you going to say to the customer?
What are you going to wish for?
What are you working on?
What are your New Year’s resolutions? 
What are your vacation plans?
What can and can’t you buy?
What can be done about a dog that barks at the postman every single day?
What can be done to protect them and their children?
What can I do to stop shoring and preserve my love life?
What can two together do?
What changes would you make?
What chores does she do?
What could you do when you were a child that you can’t do now?
What could you possibly have to talk about?
What countries have you been in?
What country did we fight during the revolutionary war?
What country is she from?
What course will Howard’s life take next?
What did he do instead?
What did she complain about?
What did they help you do?
What did they let you do?
What did you do in addition?
What did you do in your spare time?
What did you do?
What did you have for breakfast?
What did you have?
What did you just do?
What did you snack on?
What direction is your book going to take?
What do I have to do?
What do people call her?
What do people do?
What do the following people or things do?
What do the stripes on the flag mean?
What do tourists do on buses?
What do we do now?
What do we mean by “permanent revolution”?
What do you do for a living?
What do you do for fun and recreation in your spare time?
What do you like to do for exercise and fun?
What do you like to do in your free time?
What do you mean?
What do you offer?
What do you suggest I do?
What do you think I should do?
What do you think is sexiest about Susan?
What do you usually have for breakfast?
What do you want most for her?
What do you want to know?
What do you wish you were doing right now?
What does a fashionable woman wear?
What does Bob do every morning?
What does he have to do this evening?
What does it feel like?
What does it look like?
What does this word mean?
What does your daughter spend most of her money on?
What else did you do?
What else is happening?
What exactly about him?
What good things did the government do?
What have we been studying?
What have we done in class today since nine o’clock?
What have you learned about love recently?
What if I do tell?
What if it doesn’t deliver the money you’d hoped for?
What important information about ABILIFY do I need to know?
What is Congress going to do about plans to improve augmentation program?
What is going to do tomorrow morning?
What is he’s favorite color?
What is it called if the President refuses to sign a bill?
What is it made of?
What is it you want?
What is Nancy talking about?
What is something you can’t do, but you wish you could do?
What is something you don’t have but wish you had?
What is something you don’t know but wish you knew?
What is Susan like as a friend?
What is that figure based on?
What is the difference in the use of can and may in the following?
What is the food most consumed by college students that ends with za?
What is the minimum voting age in the USA?
What is the nation anthem of the U.S.A?
What is the one thing that you each envy about the other’s career?
What is the role of the homeowners association?
What is this reading about?
What is your best feature?
What is your field of study?
What is your highest level of education?
What is your occupation, your job?
What is your roommate doing?
What isn’t covered by this warranty?
What kind of brassiere do you prefer to use?
What kind of government does your country have?
What kind of guy are you?
What kind of job do you like to have?
What kind of person do you not want to marry?
What kind of person do you want to marry?
What kinds of fluids did you drink?
What kinds of jobs have you had?
What materials did he like to use for building houses?
What modern inventions help men to explore the polar lands?
What one behavior are you willing to let her get away with?
What one criticism is the most likely to hurl at you in anger?
What one thing would you like to give your daughter more of?
What other ways can I find out information about real estate?
What places have you been to since you came to Oregon?
What possibilities can you think of?
What qualities in men make them want to climb mountains?
What should I avoid when taking ABILIFY?
What should I do?
What should I give her?
What Should I tell my doctor or healthcare professional before I start taking ABILIFY?
What should we do tonight?
What sort of feelings do people have about le Corbusier’s work?
What subjects do I do best in at school?
What things did you learn about Susan?
What three features of this drawing are incorrect?
What time are you accustomed to getting up?
What time are you going to arrive?
What time are you used to going to bed?
What time did class begin this morning?
What time did the sun rise this morning?
What time did you use to go to bed when you were a child?
What time does she eat dinner?
What time does the bookstore close?
What time should I call you?
What time should we leave for the airport?
What two oceans bound the U.S.?
What type of area do you live in?
What was it about?
What was it like for you two to play rivals?
What was the first porn movie you ever saw?
What was the weather like?
What were you doing?
What will 2007 hold for the stars we write about?
What will the government do to ensure that this is safely?
What will you be doing?
What will you have done by the time you go to bed tonight?
What would you advice a girl who wanted to be a model, actress or dancer?
What would you have rather done?
What would you like for Christmas?
What would you like to wish for next?
What would you rather be doing?
What would you rather do than go to class?
What you advise someone who wanted to be a dancer or a model?
What’s a woman like you doing in a sport like that?
What’s it like? It’s delicious?
What’s next for this beautiful blonde model?
What’s the best career advice anyone ever gave you?
What’s the difference?
What’s the point of learning something new?
What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on a photo shoot?
What’s to think about?
What’s your approach to makeup?
What’s your dieting secret?
What’s your dog’s name?
What’ve you been up to?
but what if someone walks in here?
In what forms are tobacco products usually used?
In what month do we vote for the President?
In what ways are they alike?
In what year was the constitution written?


And why is there so much interest in its migration?
Why are you here so early?
Why can’t our sex lives be more like what we see onscreen?
Why did you help us?
Why did you insist on interfering?
Why did you not call me?
Why didn’t you call me?
Why didn’t you go to the concert? I didn’t want to
Why do birds sing?
Why do it once a year?
Why do many people like to visit that city?
Why do some people find talking so stressful and listening so difficult?
Why do they want to be an Island?
Why do we celebrate the fourth of July?
Why do you enjoy them?
Why do you think the poor people loved Evita?
Why don’t I see you anymore?
Why don’t we go to eat Mexican food?
Why don’t we go to the mountains?
Why don’t we listen to some music?
Why don’t you go home and rest for a while?
Why don’t you learn French instead?
Why don’t you talk it over?
Why have caves always been of interest to men?
Why haven’t you told us this story before?
Why is it all us cats are stereotyped?
Why is there such injustice?
Why isn’t Greg in class?
Why must we be careful with poison ivy?
Why not make a conscious decision to just be good friends?
Why should I believe him now?
Why should you care about that?
Why wait until January?

Do Does

Do all of the children have their books?
Do all of this homework have to be finished by tomorrow?
Do animals have the same emotions as human beings?
Do any English words begin with the letter z?
Do any of you know the answer to that question?
Do diets work?
Do doctors routinely test for STDS? No
Do her children speak English?
Do I look like I’m imagined?
Do I want to mail this letter right now?
Do people speak Spanish in Peru?
Do we have any books?
Do you always eat breakfast?
Do you approve of the way Al Gore is handling his job?
Do you consider me a wimp for sticking around her?
Do you diet?
Do you ever go to Julia for advice?
Do you ever talk to yourself?
Do you ever wish you were each other’s age?
Do you feel like going to a show tonight?
Do you feel that you have praiseworthy skills?
Do you feel that you’ve “done it all” in your films?
Do you get to kiss anyone?
Do you go to Susan for support?
Do you have any children age 12 and under? Yes, No
Do you have any children?
Do you have any travel plans?
Do you have photographs of them?
Do you know how to swim?
Do you know the people who live in the white house?
Do you know the woman who is standing over there?
Do you know what would be great?
Do you know who is responsible?
Do you know why you need me?
Do you like it here?
Do you need a ride to the airport?
Do you periodically host parties?
Do you remember yours?
Do you see it too?
Do you think men will ever make their homes there?
Do you want to be a mother someday?
Do you want to go for a walk?
Do you want to go to a movie Sunday night?
Do you want to move in with me?
Do you want to own one?
Do you work or study?
Do you work outside the home?
Do you worry about her weight?
Do you?
Do your actions speak louder than words?
Don’t you get excited about going with me?
Don’t you think?
Don’t you?
Does any of this bother you?
Does anyone care about this music?
Does Bob like tea?
Does Garfield always shed like that?
Does it have a smell?
Does it hurt to rub a cat the wrong way?
Does it make a noise?
Does she earn money at an outside job?
Does she need any help?
Does that store accept credit cards?
Does the bus stop here?
Does the hotel provide clean towels?
Does the little pass to the owners?
Does this book have more than 400 pages?
Does this bus go downtown?
Does this person have any plans that you are aware of?
Does you approve of the way your daughter dresses?
Does your occupation require you to: Drive frequently?


Did all of them participate?
Did Carl have a good time at the party?
Did he borrow your dictionary?
Did he deceive or was he deceived?
Did I disappoint you?
Did I score with the redhead the same way I did with the blonde? 
Did my directions confuse you?
Did she fix it?
Did someone invite you to the party?
Did Steve go to the bank?
Did teacher Adams make an assignment?
Did that give you control over the project?
Did the school help Victor?
Did they get late to the game?
Did you apologize?
Did you drink some coffee before class?
Did you eat it anyway?
Did you find your book?
Did you flirt with other women?
Did you forget your briefcase?
Did you party without her?
Did you really think that would help you?
Did you see the movie when it came out?
Did you stay late at work or disappear for hours without explanation?
Did you use to live in Paris?
Did you visit Carolina last week?
Did you work as a model or a dancer before this?
Didn’t you see that stop sign?
Didn’t you study?
Near which city did this event take place?


How about a scratching post?
How about going to a movie?
How about men?
How are we gonna stop it?
How are you doing?
How bad is it to get one?
How can I manage money wisely?
How can one thing be two things?
How can something be the color of a tree and the color of blood?
How can this be improved or changed?
How can we plan to respond to every contingency?
How can you even think of going back out there?
How can you get rid of fat?
How can you restrict children’s access to inappropriate Web sites?
How could he do it so quickly?
How could I be nearly 43 years old and not have enough friends?
How could it have been otherwise?
How did it feel to turn thirty?
How did such a word come into being?
How did this movie come about?
How did you get into the adult industry?
How do birds mate?
How do birds sing?
How do dolphins communicate with each other?
How do hypersensives handle this?
How do they differ from us?
How do you do?
How do you exercise safely?
How do you keep your hair looking so sexy and healthy?
How do you know that what you said is true?
How do you stay motivated to keep so fit?
How does menopause feel to you?
How does your relationship compare with the one you had with your own mother?
How far do you live from school?
How far would I have gone If Jeannie hadn’t been there?
How has the advertising campaign gone?
How has the divorce situation gotten so desperate?
How hungry are you?
How long did it take him to have breakfast?
How long did it take you to drive to N.Y.?
How long do birds live?
How long does it take to drive to Brownsville from here?
How long have we been doing this exercise?
How long have you been working on this grammar exercise?
How long have you had this book?
How long were we gone?
How long will Tom be here?
How long will you be in Florida?
How many blocks is it to the post office?
How many girls do you want?
How many have you got?
How many miles is it from Montreal to Quebec?
How many senators are there in Congress?
How many servings of fruits and vegetables did you eat?
How many stars are there in our flag?
How many times a day do you eat?
How many times do I have to repeat myself?
How may I help you, sir?
How money wishes do I get?
How much are property taxes and other regular home expenses?
How much did it cost?
How much do they cost?
How much do you want?
How much do you weigh?
How much more can she take?
How much more new do I need to buy?
How much was for everything?
How much were the oranges?
How often do you take a bus to school?
How old does a person have to be to get a driver’s license?
How old were you last year?
How quickly can you get there?
How sleepy are you?
How soon after all this did I get invented inside the studios?
How soon will you be ready?
How tall are you?
How tired were you?
How to handle such hairy situations?
How was it?
How was the weather down there?
How well does he speak English?
How will I ever survive?
How will the game affect my thinking?
How would you describe yourself?
How would you feel if she dated a boy of another race?


Who are some of the people you have meet since you came to this city?
Who are they?
Who are those men?
Who are you pointing at?
Who are you talking to?
Who called Minneapolis last month?
Who did I run into when I walked into the room?
Who did Sandra invite?
Who did she see yesterday?
Who did you get the description from?
Who did your family consist of?
Who do you think is going to win the game tomorrow?
Who does it belong to?
Who elects Congress?
Who else should I ask?
Who got a letter last week?
Who has Helen invited to go to Washington?
Who helped you?
Who is going to get married first?
Who is the current governor of your state?
Who is the lady speaking with?
Who is the President of the USA?
Who knows but that they are discussing the trip ahead?
Who made you?
Who nominates Judges to the Supreme Court?
Who ordered Paul to work when the driver was already off duty?
Who selects the Supreme Court Justice?
Who was going to say otherwise?
Who was the first President of the USA?
Who will enjoy living in the house?

Whom did Helen talk to?
Whom did you see at the party?
Whom did you see?
Whom do you like to spend some of your free time with?
Whom were the tickets for?

Whose house is that?
Whose is it?


Can I actually own land in Mexico?
Can I borrow this book?
Can people communicate with dolphins?
Can the Constitution be changed?
Can the Prince and the Prime Minister change the nation?
Can you explain the menu to me?
Can you face him the next morning (and every morning thereafter) and act all casual?
Can you get me some information?
Can you get, this trash out of here?
Can you give Hanna a message for me?
Can you handle unfair remarks others make about you?
Can you handle valid criticism?
Can you have more than one STD at the same time?
Can you help me make the bed?
Can you help me set that table?
Can you name the two Senators from your state?
Can you see those creases in the middle?
Can you suggest reasons for exploring the polar lands?
Can you taste it?
Can you tell us what you were like in high school?
Can you turn the lights down in here?


May I ask who is calling?
May I have your autograph?
May I please borrow your book?
May I please see your book for a minute?
May I suggest you find yourself some other means?
May my girls dance with the men afterward?


Would you like some ice in it?
Would you like to go to the beach on weekend?
Would you like to go to the movie tonight?
Would you like to go with me for a dinner?
Would you like to see today’s newspaper?
Would you like your children to smoke? 
Would you mind closing the window?
Would you mind If I closed the window?
Would you mind if I used the phone?
Would you mind repeating that?
Would you mind smoking?
Would you mind speaking a little more slowly?
Would you pass the juice please?
Would you rather go to Moscow or go to London?


Could a submarine pass safely through this water under the ice?
Could I talk to him?
Could she be a good mother to these children again?
Could she finally be listening to someone’s advice?
Could someone get me a glass of water?
Could someone please open the door?
Could the Russians have stumbled onto it first?
Could this be their year?
Could you please pass me the paper?
Could you tell me which bus I should take to get to City Hall?
Couldn’t that be a problem between them?
Couldn’t we take Columbus Avenue instead Jerry?


Should he judge only by the fame of the singers?
Should I marry Ted?
Should I open the door?
Should we wait for him?
Should you offer to help her?
Shouldn’t you skip dessert tonight?
Let’s get to know each other, shall we?
Shall I open the window? 
Shall we have tea? 
So, shall we begin your little tour?


During which months do you experience allergies?
Near which city did this event take place?
Which do you like better, hot weather or cold weather?
Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?
Which irregular verbs come easily for you?
Which is easier: to write English or to speak English?
Which is more fun: to study at the library or to go to a movie?
Which Los Angeles would you choose?
Which money matters keep us up at night?
Which of the following activities do you participate in on a regular basis?
Which of the following have you done in the last 2 months?
Which one are a little more trouble some?
Which one does he want?
Which ones do you like to do?
Which ones don’t you know?
Which ones have you done?
Which President freed the slaves?


When can I start working?
When did you last see a taxi driver in uniform?
When do you feel your sexiest?
When does the semester end?
When is flight 82 expected to arrive?
When was the last time you ate?
When will dinner be ready?
When you are tired in the evening, what are you content to do?
When’s dinner? I’m getting hungry


Was he in class today?
Was it from your parents?
Was it interesting?
Was it late or on time?
Was it too good or very good?
Was my life taking a weird turn or what?
Was she angry?
Was that you?
Was the last exercise easy?
Was the world’s first skyscraper built in 1843?
Were all of the students in class yesterday?
Were there many people at the party?


But, where did it all come from?
I m the king in our home, so where does that leave me?
Where are you from?
Where are you living now?
Where are you staying?
Where can he get a good meal?
Where can he go?
Where can I catch the bus?
Where can I get some new running shoes at a good price?
Where can we find everything when shopping for food?
Where could my Pipe be?
Where could Peter be?
Where did it happen? 
Where did you grow up?
Where did you sit in class yesterday?
Where do you live?
Where do you want me to fuck you first?
Where does Congress meet?
Where does she eat lunch?
Where might that leave the monarchy?
Where should I go?
Where was he?
Where was it from?
Where will you be around five?
Where will you be?
Where would you rather be?
Where you asleep when your friend called last night?
Where’s that cold air coming from?


Had he sold his car?
Had she met him?
Has anyone ever hypnotized you?
Have beings from outer space ever visited the earth?
Have you ever gone camping? 
Have you ever invaded her privacy?
Have you known this person long enough to get this intimate?
Have you learned to make phone calls?
Have you persuaded someone to do something recently?
Have you used a prescription allergy medication in the last 12 months?
Haven’t flown before?